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The WhatsApp gateway is currently down!

If you came here because you wanted to use the WhatsApp gateway service, please think twice before you make a donation for the WhatsApp gateway API because the WhatsApp gateway service is unavailable at this very moment.

We strongly recommend that you consider our Telegram Gateway service instead. Telegram is more reliable, more robust and more powerful than WhatsApp.

In the meantime, we are currently working very hard to fix the gateway. Please come back in 12 hours and it should be up and running again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Please contact us if you have further inquiries.

Helping you to achieve your goal is our top priority. Saving your precious time is our mission.

Your donation is what keeps our lights on so we can help you.

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Why no free trial?

You may ask, "Why do I need to donate?".

Well, as we said, we need to keep the lights on so we can stay alive to help you.

You may then ask, "Why do most other sites offer free trial while you don't?"

Thing is, other sites already make you pay without you realizing it. They may have sold your personal information for some handsome gain. We don't do things like this. We don't even collect your personal information. With no information about you, we don't sell anything behind your back for financial gain.

Instead, we offer you a choice. A fair deal. You decide how much you want to donate.

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