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PDF-to-Text API - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I extract text from a PDF file that contains languages other than English?

Yes, our PDF-to-Text API supports most languages, including (but not limited to) Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, ...etc.

Even if your language is not explicitly listed above, it's very likely that it is supported as well. Just call the API with a trial account to find out. It's free! Seeing is believing.

Question: I want to extract text from a large PDF file. Is there a limit on the size of the PDF document?

If you call the synchronous API to convert a PDF file, the PDF document should not be larger than 1 MB and 10 pages long.

The asynchronous API allows you to convert a larger PDF file. The PDF document can be up to 30 MB in size and 300 pages long.

Question: I am calling the API with a free trail account. It's giving me this "Free Quota Exceeded" error. Why?

The free trail account intends to allow new users to learn how the API works. To use the API seriously, you need to subscribe to one of the plans and call the API with your client ID and secret.

Question: My premium account has expired. What should I do?

Subscribe to one of the plans with your existing client ID. Your account will then be renewed.