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WhatsApp Gateway API - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who can use your API services? Who is your target audience?

Developers / programmers with an IQ score of 100 or above are our target audience. In order to use our API, you need to have some programming experience and the ability to strictly follow the steps as described in the documentation. That's why you need to have a higher-than-average IQ score.

If you do not meet this requirement, we suggest that you think twice before subscribing to our services. Take this as a warning.

On the other hand, if you are able to use our API by following the documented procedure, it's a strong indication that you probably have a pretty high IQ score.

Question: I want to try our your API services. How should I proceed?

Thank you for your interest in our services.

First, you subscribe to a plan that suits your needs. We recommend you choose a plan with the Trial option.

Then, you will receive a confirmation email for your subscription. Read the instructions in the email entirely.

You need to follow and complete each and every step carefully and patiently. If you miss one step, it just won't work for you.

Have fun!

Question: I have just paid and subscribed to the service. Why didn't I get the confirmation email?

Look in both of your INBOX and SPAM folders of your email account. Most of our customers who had this issue found it in their SPAM folder.

Also, if you have more than one email accounts, make sure you check all of them.

Contact us if you still can't find the confirmation email after you have done all the above.

Question: I wanted to send myself a message. But even after I ran the sample code, I didn't receive anything. Why?
The most common cause is that you forgot to pre-register your number with the gateway. Do the following to register:
  1. Add the gateway's number (i.e. the secret number) to your phone's contact.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone / Android phone.
  3. Send a "Hi" message to the gateway from your phone's WhatsApp client.
  4. Expect a confirmation message from the gateway.

Watch the following video to understand how the gateway works:

Question: I can send messages to myself via the gateway. But I can't send messages to other people. Why?

That's probably because the "other people" did not register with the gateway. Ask them to say "Hi" to the gateway from their WhatsApp client like you did. If you are still confused, read the answer to the previous question.

Question: I have just made a subscription. Where's my CLIENT_ID / CLIENT_SECRET?

After you pay for the subscription, you should receive an email that contains your personalized CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET. If you don't receive the email, just contact us with your PayPal transaction ID.

Now, follow the language-specific instructions to send your first message:

This video demonstrates what you need to do to send your first message:

Question: Can I send messages to people who have not pre-registered with the gateway?

Basically no. You cannot do this with the Forever Green plan. The goal is to prevent spamming.

Imagine this: When you receive an unsolicited message from a person not in your contact list, what would you do? You would probably get angry and report it to WhatsApp as SPAM. Makes sense?

Now, if you were allowed to send messages to anyone without pre-registration, the recipients of your message (i.e. your customers) would very likely do the same thing, i.e. get angry and report your message as SPAM. You don't want to make your customers angry, do you? That's why pre-registration is required.

Question: I want to run a marketing campaign (i.e. sending bulk promotional messagers to strangers). Can I use your API to do so?

No. We are against spamming. Please read the answer to the above question to understand the details.

Question: Can I register in my native language?

Yes, in some cases.

If you speak English, you and your users register with the gateway by sending a "Hi" message to the gateway.

If you speak Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Ukrainian, you can do so in your native language now!

Just say one of the following: 嗨, 你好, 安安, こんにちは, ハイ, Ching, Ciao, Hai, Hallo, Hola, Hoi, Oi, Salut, Здравствуй, Привіт, नमस्ते, היי, ﻡﺮﺤﺑﺍ

Watch the following video for a demo:

Question: Can I send out messages from a local number of my country?

Yes, the Enterprise WhatsApp Gateway should be able to help you.

Question: Can I send messages from my own WhatsApp number?

No. And you should be happy to hear this.

Why? Imagine the opposite. If anyone can send messages to people using YOUR identity without your approval, is that scary? I think it is very scary. It can lead to unimaginable bad consequences.

But if you have a new local SIM card which does not yet have a WhatsApp account, we will be able to link this new number to your Enterprise WhatsApp Gateway.

Question: What do I get if I subscribe to a Forever Green / Enterprise plan?

If you want to send WhatsApp messages to your users, you need to first subscribe to a Forever Green plan.

See the table below to understand what the Forever Green plan and Enterprise Solution have to offer:


Trial Period

Forever Green Plan

Enterprise Solution
Target User
First-time users of the API
First-time and existing users
Corporate and business users
Max. # of messages per day
Max. # of recipients in TOTAL
14 days.
Auto-upgrade to Forever Green.
Varies. Max is 12 months.
Auto-Renew option available.
Varies. Minimum is a quarter.
Max is 24 months.
Sample Code provided
Send Images (Beta)
Send PDF (Beta)
Receive text messages from individuals/groups by webhook
Use custom profile picture
Bring your own number
Email Support

Question: What are the limits on the size of the text messages, images and documents (e.g. PDF) etc?

Here are the limits on the size of the message for different message types:

  • Text: 800 characters max
  • Image: 1 MB max
  • Document (e.g. PDF): 1 MB max

Question: How can I send emoji's?

Send yourself the text messages in the left column and see what you get.

Good job! (y)

Good job!

This is bad! (n)

This is bad!

Happy face :-)

Happy face

Unhappy :-(


Being naughty :-p

Being naughty

No comment :-|

No comment

Love you <3

Love you

Smiling eyes ^_^

Smiling eyes

Question: What time of the day does the daily quota get reset?

If you don't send any message for 24 hours or more, then the first message you send after that will mark the beginning of your 24-hour quota period.

Question: I need to send more than 100 messages per day. What can I do?

The Enterprise WhatsApp Gateway may be able to help you.

Question: My application needs to both send and receive messages. Can I do that?

Yes, the Enterprise WhatsApp gateway will allow you to do that.

Question: Can I send multimedia messages such as PDF, images, etc?

We have recently added some new API to send images and documents (such as PDF files). Please check out these guides for details:

Note that the above API is in Beta and therefore can be unstable at times. Use it at your own discretion.

Question: Can I send messages to a WhatsApp group?

Yes! We have added this new REST API to allow you to send messages to a WhatsApp group.

Question: Will the gateway be banned/blocked by WhatsApp?

It is possible. Although we make every effort to prevent spamming (which will surely cause our service to be banned), there's still a chance that WhatsApp can block our gateway for no reason. If that happens, our gateway will stop working immediately.

Question: What can I do to help minimize the possibility of getting the gateway banned by WhatsApp?

We are glad that you asked. You can help us by NOT sending too many messages too often. We are on the same boat after all. If the boat sinks, all of us drown.

Question: The gateway worked for me last week. But I can't get my messages out now. Why?

As mentioned above, the gateway might have been blocked and we may have switched to a new gateway number. Contact us for more details if it happens to you.

Question: I am on an Auto-Renewal subscription plan. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. By canceling your subscription, you stop all future payments that are scheduled to happen if you are on an Auto-Renewal plan. Just contact us and we will give you further instructions.

Question: I sent in an inquiry via the Contact-us form. But I never receive a reply. Why?

We respond to all inquiries by email. If you don't receive a reply within 36 hours, it's likely that you might have put down a wrong email address. Send in your inquiry again with your correct email address.

Question: What are the Terms and Conditions?

By subscribing to our Services, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.