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WhatsApp Gateway API - Sending Messages to a Group

Want to send messages to a WhatsApp group from your application? You have come to the right place. It's very simple! Check out the four steps below.

4 Simple Steps to Send a Group Message

1. Subscribe to a Forever Green Plan. (Trial only costs $2.99)
We will reveal to you the secret gateway number.

2. Add the secret gateway number to your phone's contacts:
Name: WA Gateway
Number: +852 XXXX XXXX

3. Add the gateway contact to your WhatsApp Group.
After you add the gateway to your group, say "Hi" to the group and the gateway will recognize it from now on.

4. Run your awesome program.
Send a message to the group from your program. Pick your favorite language:
Shell Script | Java | PHP | Node.js/JavaScript | C++ | VB.NET | VBA | PowerShell Script | Google Apps Script | C# (VS 2019) | C# (VS 2022)

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