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Translation API - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to translate text from language X to language Y. What language codes should I use?

The translation API supports most languages.
To find the code for your language, send a GET request to this endpoint - http://api.whatsmate.net/v1/translation/supported-codes

Question: I want to translate a large chunk of text. Is there a limit on the size of the text that can be translated?

Yes, the translation API can take up to 2500 characters at a time. If your text is larger than this limit, you will need to break it up and call the API multiple times to get it translated.

Question: I am calling the API with a trail account. It's giving me this "Free Quota Exceeded" error. Why?

The trail account just intends to allow new users to learn how the API works. To use the API seriously, you need to subscribe to one of the plans and call the API with your client ID and secret.

Question: My premium account has expired. What should I do?

Subscribe to one of the plans with your existing client ID. Your account will then be renewed.