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Translation API - Getting Started

WhatsMate Translation API enables your application to translate text from one language to another easily via a REST API.

4 Simple Steps to Translate Text in Real Time

1. Feel the power of the Translation API.
Run a sample program to see the API in action. Pick your favorite language:
Shell Script | Java | PHP | Node.js/JavaScript | Python | C# | VB.NET | PowerShell Script

2. Subscribe now to start using the API seriously.
Subscribe to a plan now. You will receive your premium Client ID and Secret.

3. Enable the premium translation service in your app.
Modify the sample program and copy-and-paste your client ID and secret in the source code.

4. That's it. There's no step four:)
Got a question? Contact us!

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Important Notes (This is no yada yada):

1. The trial account only allows you to call the translation API up to 10 times for learning purpose.

2. The Premium Account allows you to call the translation API up to 100 times per hour. Our experience tells us that it's enough for most use cases.

3. Got a question? Check out the FAQ. Alternatively, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!